If you’re the parent of a baby or toddler who isn’t sleeping through the night – and if you’re wondering what you can do about it – you’re in the right place! My name is Dana Obleman, and since 2003 I’ve helped over 57,000 parents like you find a quick, gentle solution to their children’s sleep problems. And starting right now… I’d like to help you, too!

Child Sleep Report by Sleep SenseThe recommendations I’ll be sharing will depend on your child’s age, personality, and sleeping habits, so the best way to get started is by telling me a little bit about your son or daughter.

By answering just a few basic questions, I can put together some personalized recommendations that you can use – starting tonight – to dramatically improve your child’s sleep!

Baby Not Sleeping
Through The Night?

Answer Six Simple Questions To Find Out Why.

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is a:

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Sleep Sense Media

Sleep Sense™ ProgramWhat’s Included with
The Sleep Sense™ Program:

  • The Sleep Sense™ Program. My no-nonsense baby and toddler sleep solution. 197 pages. Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.
  • The 14-Day Sleep Coach Video Training System. (Two weeks of daily “how-to” videos that show you exactly what to do every day and night. Customized for your child’s age group.)
  • The Sleep Sense™ Program Quick-Start Guide & Workbook. (Additional materials to help guide your progress. 49 pages. Includes tracking and planning tools.)
  • The Sleep Sense™ Video Library. 10 in-depth video lessons that you can watch right on your computer! Subjects include babies, toddlers, older children, naps, and much more. Over 2 hours (127 minutes) of no-nonsense content.
  • The Sleep Sense™ Hotline. You’ll have access to a live conference call with Dana Obleman every week. Ask questions, get answers, share advice, or just listen in!
  • Baby Sleep Bootcamp Recordings. Learn everything you need to get your child sleeping through the night — without reading a word! Customized for your child’s age.
  • Personalized E-mail Support. Questions about your child’s sleep? Send them to my personal e-mail address and get answers by the next business day!

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Get One-On-One Help!

Yes, The Sleep Sense™ Program is a great Do-It-Yourself guide for solving your baby or toddler’s sleep problems!

But if you’re looking for full-service, one-on-one help, I’m here to help!

By working with one of my Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultants, or with me personally, you’ll be dealing with a sleep professional who is dedicated to helping you and your child get a healthy night’s sleep — each and every night! Learn More about Sleep Sense™ Consultants.

The Sleep Sense Philosophy

Cry-it-out? Coddle? Co-sleep? Attachment parenting? Ferberizing?

If you’re going to let me help you with something as precious as your child’s sleep, you probably want to know a little bit about who I am and exactly how I think about sleep!

Get my take on why sleep is so important for children — and find out why so many parents have trusted me over the past 12 years.

Dana’s Sleep Blog

Straight talk about sleep, parenting, babies, toddlers, relationships… and just about anything else!

My blog is a great place to find opinions, advice, the occasional rant, and some great videos about sleep.

We’ve usually got a pretty lively ‘Comments’ section, too — so feel free to join the discussion!

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