Earn Generous Commissions by Helping Other Sleep-Deprived Parents Finally Get a Good Night’s Rest

(You’ll earn 35% of every referred sale!)

From Dana Obleman, Author, The Sleep Sense™ Program

If you’re like most of my clients, you regularly recommend The Sleep Sense Program to your friends and family who are struggling with child sleep issues.

That’s because you know my kid-friendly healthy sleep program really works.

I’m super excited to announce that now it can work for you in a different way…

Because if you recommend The Sleep Sense Program to people and they go to my site and make a purchase, you can get paid for it!

Here’s how the Sleep Sense™ Affiliate Program works…

As a Sleep Sense™ affiliate, you will earn a generous 35% commission every time you refer a visitor who ends up purchasing a copy of my healthy sleep training guide, The Sleep Sense™ Program.

Since the program sells for as much as $129, that means you can get up to $45.15 per sale!

Plus, you’ll also earn commission on any sales of my other great parenting products as well!

All you have to do is sign up for free using the form at the bottom of this page, and you’ll be given your own special “referral link” that you can use to send people to our website.

Everyone who clicks on your referral link is then attached to your affiliate ID… and if one of your referrals buys The Sleep Sense™ Program (or any other product) in the next 60 days, your 35% commission automatically gets attributed to your affiliate account.

… And on the 1st of every month, you’ll receive a nice deposit in your PayPal account.

Don’t have a PayPal account? Don’t worry, it’s easy to set one up in just minutes.

Are you a Sleep Sense™ Affiliate “dream candidate”?

If you fit any of the following categories, then you could be a perfect candidate for the Sleep Sense Affiliate Program:

  • Outgoing stay-at-home mom looking for an extra source of income
  • An enthusiastic blogger who writes on parenting topics
  • Someone who actively networks with other parents on social media
  • Someone who’s interested in becoming any of the above
  • A business or website owner who’s as passionate as I am about giving parents solid, useful information to make their lives easier

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a ton of computer experience… we’ll provide all the training resources you need to get started.

6 reasons why you should join today

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should become a Sleep Sense™ Affiliate today:

  1. It’s free to join. There’s no risk involved in joining the program. Just grab your affiliate link and use it when you have the opportunity.
  2. You can work your own hours. Spend quality time with your child, knowing you can work only during nap time and in the evenings and still make good money.
  3. We offer high conversion rates. Our website visitor-to-customer conversion rates are much higher than the industry average, so if you send someone to me you’ll know there’s a much higher chance she’ll become a customer.
  4. You can make good money. You’ll make at least 10 times more with our program than what you’d make posting Amazon affiliate links or Google Ads on your site.
  5. Low return rate. Very few people who buy my products ever return them. That’s because my strategies really work.
  6. All you have to do is send us the visitors and I’ll take care of everything else. You don’t have to worry about shipping and handling or customer service issues – that’s my job. :-)

You can work just a few hours a week to earn a nice little “nest egg” to pay for fun little extras, such as a new car or a family vacation.

… Or, depending on the number of people you’re able to reach, you can generate a significant part-time or full-time income!

No cheesy selling required

Here are some of the proven strategies you can use to promote your affiliate link and send more interested visitors to SleepSense.net:

  • Encourage your offline friends to check out the site — then send them your affiliate link in a follow-up email
  • Write a review of The Sleep Sense Program and get it posted on popular parenting sites
  • Mention it on your blog
  • Include a link on your Facebook page — then encourage your network to check it out
  • Post your link on Twitter
  • Promote it on parenting forums

The best thing is, you don’t have to use any cheesy selling methods to encourage people to buy The Sleep Sense™ Program.

When you mention it to the right people (e.g., sleep-deprived parents who are desperate to teach their child healthier sleep habits), my kid-friendly sleep program pretty much sells itself!

All your questions answered

Here are answers to the most popular questions our new affiliates have been asking us…

What do I need?
You don’t need anything at all, except the desire to succeed. This program is 100% free to join. You don’t even need your own website (although it helps). You can promote The Sleep Sense™ Program to your friends via email or social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter or on popular parenting forums.

How do I get paid?
You will be paid by PayPal. Payments are made in US dollars and are sent out once a month, always on the 1st.

How do I know for sure I will get paid?
The Sleep Sense™ Affiliate Program is powered by InfusionSoft, one of the leading affiliate tracking software online. It uses a combination of cookies and computer IP addresses to track referrals with maximum reliability. So even if visitors remove their cookies, the affiliate software will still be able to “read” their IP address and identify them as your referral. InfusionSoft is used by many thousands of Internet merchants and affiliates worldwide.

Is there a minimum payment requirement?
No! Some affiliate programs won’t pay you anything until you hit a specified minimum requirement. Not ours! Even if you only make a single commission in a month, we’ll happily send you payment for it.

What kind of training materials do you offer?
Once you sign up for your account and gain access to our Affiliate Center, you will discover a range of tools and resources you can use to promote The Sleep Sense™ Program, including graphic ads you can put on your site as well as email templates you can mail out as is or customize with your own personal message.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the sign-up form below—and you can get started right away!

Sign me up! Yes, I’m excited to help exhausted parents finally get a good night’s sleep… and make good money in the process!