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Baby Sleep Dilemma: What Would YOU Do?

So I’m out at the park with my kids the other day. My kids are off running around, and I grab a seat at the end of a bench, where two women with their babies are sitting.

Baby sleep Dilemma

The one mother is talking to the other about how her baby won’t sleep at night.

She’s saying how she puts her baby in a car seat and drives him around until he’s asleep.

I know, I know… probably not the end of the world.

But THEN she start explaining about how she has to get up at least once (and sometimes 3 times) every night… and drive him around again until he falls back to sleep!

So I’m sitting there thinking to myself: Should I say anything?

I mean, I know exactly what she’s doing wrong… and I know exactly how she could fix her problem… but I was still very hesitant about whether or not I should speak up.

The truth is, I was worried she would think I was nosy or (even worse) think I was calling her a bad parent.

So let me ask you:

What would YOU do?

Keep in mind:

  1. She is a stranger to me, and did not ask for my advice, BUT…
  2. I am confident that my advice would really help her.

Let me know what you think in the ‘Comments’ section below.  And — just to make it fun — I’ll choose one commenter to win something cool from me.

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