Why is my Toddler Afraid to Poop?

If you’ve never experienced this situation, you might think this is a pretty funny-sounding phobia. However, if your little one is having issues with potty training, especially if they’re experiencing fear and anxiety around it, you know it’s no laughing matter! So this week, I’m going to venture a little bit out of everyone’s comfort zone and talk about the … Read More

How Much Can You Make As A Baby Sleep Coach in 2023?

Sleep Sense

The idea of becoming a baby sleep coach or certified infant sleep consultant sounds amazing, right? Not only do you get to work with babies (yay!) and set your own schedule (yes please!), but you also get to do meaningful work that makes a huge difference in people’s lives. Sounds like the perfect career, right? Well, having been in the … Read More

Sleep Training and Reflux

If your baby’s dealing with reflux or GERD, it may not be the right time to start addressing their sleep issues, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some steps you can take to help avoid falling into some bad habits. Check out today’s video for some tips to help get you and your baby through this difficult scenario, avoid the … Read More

What’s Wrong With Nursing to Sleep

A happy mother nursing her newborn baby

I know this topic is bound to raise a few eyebrows, because obviously nursing your little one to sleep is a beautiful and natural part of motherhood. And I’m not suggesting that you should never do it! But I’ve worked with a lot of parents who have told me, “My baby can’t get to sleep without nursing, AND she wakes … Read More

Get Your Kids to Listen

A well-rested baby makes life easier for everyone on a whole variety of other parenting challenges, but it’s not like your kids are going to be perfect angels just because they’re getting enough sleep. They’re going to throw tantrums, they’re going to test the boundaries, and maybe the most frustrating one of all, they’re going to ignore you. Which, and … Read More

What is a “Sleep Prop?”

If you follow the Sleep Sense Program, or have watched a few of my other videos, you’ve probably heard me refer to “sleep props” a few dozen times by now. That’s because sleep props are the single biggest obstacle to your baby sleeping through the night. “Not me,” you might be thinking. “My baby doesn’t sleep with a pacifier, stuffed … Read More

Getting Rid of the Bottle

Giving up the baby bottle can cause some tension and anxiety, and I’m not just talking about your baby here! This is a big milestone and it can leave parents feeling like their little ones are growing out of babyhood, not to mention that the comfort they provide can be a reliable way to soothe a fussy baby. So if … Read More

Tips for Twins

In my first few months as a new mother, I felt absolutely overloaded. There just wasn’t a single moment where my mind wasn’t completely centered on my child. So I can only imagine how much that feeling must be compounded when parents welcome twins into the world. Imagine taking on all of the challenges of a new parent, then multiplying … Read More

What’s the Deal With “Split Nights”

If you’ve heard the term before but aren’t sure what it means, consider yourself lucky. The “split-night” can be a real parenting headache, and it’s tough to remedy if you don’t understand what’s causing it. Simply put, a split night is when your little one wakes up in the middle of the night, full of energy, and refuses to go … Read More

Why Baby Might Still Be Crying at Bedtime

Most of the time, with the Sleep Sense Program, parents see a huge improvement in three to five nights. For some, it takes a little longer, and occasionally it can take the full two weeks before their little one is finally getting to sleep without a fuss. And every now and then, I’ll hear from parents who tell me that, … Read More