Sleep Advice for Adults

With all of the emphasis we put on getting our babies to sleep, we tend to forget how essential it is to adults as well. I’ve worked with a lot of parents who, after getting their babies sleeping through the night, didn’t do anything to improve their own sleep habits, and still complained of feeling tired throughout the day. There’s … Read More

What if my Toddler is Afraid to Poop?

It sounds like a funny phobia to grownups, but the truth is, using the potty can be a harrowing experience for toddlers. In today’s video, I’ll explain why the experience can be distressing for some young kids, and give you some tips to help them overcome their fear. Why wait? Try out my No-Sweat Potty Training Program and get started … Read More

What Does “Cry-it-Out” Really Mean?

We hear the term “cry-it-out” a lot when it comes to sleep training, and it doesn’t always have the nicest connotation. Many new parents tend to think it involves placing their newborn in the crib, closing the door, and leaving their precious new baby alone until 7:00 rolls around. For anyone under this impression, I can happily tell you that … Read More

Sleep Deprivation and Attention Deficit Disorder

There was a great article in the US News & World Report recently that looked at the complex relationship between sleep and attention deficit disorder. While the experts quoted in the piece haven’t determined exactly what the connection is between sleep and ADD, they’re definitely confident that a link exists. But what I found more interesting was a New York … Read More

The number one way NOT to discipline your child.

Now before I tell you what this parenting no-no is, I want to preface it by saying that I understand that kids can be incredibly frustrating. We may not like to admit it to our friends at the Mommy and Me playgroup, but parenting isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and sticky lollipop kisses. Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult and it can … Read More

Am I the Only One Here Who’s Perpetually Terrified?

It’s so hard to not be scared. I mean all the time. All. The. Time. At least this is how I’ve been feeling lately. I’m not scared of anything reasonable, of course. I manage to get in my car everyday and drive for miles without worrying that I might get into an accident. In fact, I’m typically singing along with … Read More

Dealing With Separation Anxiety

It’s nice to be needed, isn’t it? Sharing a healthy bond with your baby is the greatest feeling in the world. But let’s be honest, if your baby is losing his mind every time you step out of his sight, you’re going to have a hard time when you try to leave him with a sitter, or send him for … Read More

Is your baby’s crib a “dangerous” place?

How adorable is it to see a toddler trailing a worn-out old blanket behind him like Linus from Charlie Brown? Or clutching a faded pink elephant with a missing nose? When my son was little he had a stuffed giraffe, and he used to rub the tag on its belly to soothe himself. He wore that tag right out! Some … Read More

Did Having Kids Ruin Your Life?

What a question, right? All right, maybe that’s a little harsh. Let me rephrase that as, “Were you happier before you had kids?” It’s a question you hardly ever hear, and for good reason. I think a lot of people would respond pretty defensively if they were asked that by a friend or family member, because what it sounds like … Read More

How To Shop With Children

I had a friend who was a therapist and he once said to me that the best way to keep your sanity when you’re shopping with your kids is to remember one simple thing. You’re shopping with your KIDS! So that means being mindful and realistic about what you are going to accomplish! We’ve all seen that mom pushing a … Read More