Dear Mommy Martyrs…

I remember talking to a dear friend one time about her mother. She was telling me in a very loving way, about all the things her mother use to do for the family. How her mother put everyone else before herself and sacrificed everything for her family. As I listened to her talk, I knew she meant it all as … Read More

Do THIS When Your Baby Wakes At Night

First things first: I’m having a 2-Day “Flash Sale” on The Sleep Sense Program where you’ll receive instant access to everything you need to get your child sleeping straight through the night at the lowest prices ever offered. You can grab it here: 2-Day Flash Sale Next: I want to share the #1 thing you should do each and every time … Read More

What I REALLY Think About Co-Sleeping

I came across a great issue of Time Magazine at the grocery store last week, entitled, “The Science of Sleep.” It has some fantastic articles on subjects ranging from the restorative effects of sleep, to how sleep differs in teenagers, and its effects on creativity and weight-loss. If you spot it, I highly recommend picking it up. It’s a fascinating … Read More

Your Fear of Potty Training

I was asked by a reporter from a popular morning news show to help potty train her daughter. When we had the initial discussion about her 3-year-old’s issues, one thing that came up often was how worried mom was that the daughter didn’t want to potty train. She was afraid to start because of this, and had stopped training in … Read More

Toddlers And Eating Habits

What do you do when you are worried about your child’s diet? The topic for today is toddlers and eating habits. Click the video below to watch. Are you struggling to get your child to eat healthy foods? If so, you will want to check out The Food Sense Program. Created with the help of a nutritionist, it is a guide … Read More

The Scariest (And Best) Decisions I Ever Made…

Just a little over 12 years ago, I made what was probably the scariest — but ultimately the very best – decision of my life. At that time, my first son was about 8 months old. I was doing my best to enjoy being a new mom, but there was something weighing heavily on my mind just about every day. … Read More

How To Handle Travel With Kids

Traveling with kids can be a daunting experience. Today’s video contains tips for when you take your little ones with you. Click the video below to watch. If you are looking for a child discipline system for kids aged 2 – 12 to improve your child’s behavior, you can check out Kids: The Manual. Click the button below for a discount: … Read More

What To Do When Your Child Has A Nightmare

Nightmares are a tricky obstacle when it comes to a child’s sleep routine. You probably already know the scenario. Your child comes to you in the middle of the night, justifiably frightened and teary-eyed, with the expression every parent knows so well… “I had a bad dream.” The best way to deal with nightmares is, obviously, to avoid them in … Read More

Do Time-Outs Hurt Kids?

There was a recent article in TIME talking about the so-called “dangers” of time-outs and how they can harm your child’s sense of well-being. It claimed that time-outs were punishment and should not be used to discipline your children. This is funny to me (ha ha) because when you look up the definition of discipline, this is what you find: … Read More

How To Save Almost $1,000 This Year By Potty Training

Most parents are pretty anxious to get on with potty training after a couple of years of hauling around an overstuffed bag of diapers and wipes everywhere they go. And changing diapers is no picnic either, especially once your child gets older. But just in case you need some extra incentive to start potty training your child sooner rather than … Read More