Working Moms vs. Stay at Home Moms

Today, we’re going to settle the debate once and for all. Who is the better mother? We’re all familiar with the talking points, I assume. “SAHMs are all-in. They’re more involved, they volunteer more time, and have closer relationships with their kids.” “Working moms are inspiring. They serve as role models to their children, and they teach their kids to … Read More

Three Things For You…

​Three quick things for you today… 1) In less than a week, 15 courageous women from around the world will be joining me for 3 days that will, quite literally, change their lives! They’ll be coming together with me here in Florida to learn everything they need to know about starting an exciting new career as Certified Sleep Sense Consultants! … Read More

The Scariest (And Best) Decisions I Ever Made…

Just a little over 12 years ago, I made what was probably the scariest — but ultimately the very best – decision of my life. At that time, my first son was about 8 months old. I was doing my best to enjoy being a new mom, but there was something weighing heavily on my mind just about every day. … Read More

Are You Making This Baby Sleep Mistake?

I’ve talked a lot about the importance of keeping your baby’s bedroom dark at nighttime and for naps, and for good reason. We know that light can trigger powerful responses in your brain that tell your body it’s time to be awake. Light from electronics like laptops and TV can disrupt our melatonin production, which makes it harder to sleep … Read More

3 quick things…

I’ve got a little something for everyone today! 1) First, if you’re the parent of a baby or toddler who seems to be “hooked” on fruit juice, cookies, or other sweets, check out this free resource: The One-Day Sweet Tooth Cure Warning: You’ll think the part where I recommend feeding your toddler chocolate for breakfast is crazy, but trust me … Read More

Should You Ever Wake a Sleeping Baby?

As with all parenting issues, there’s lots of contradictory information floating around out there about whether you should wake a sleeping baby. Some people believe in just letting babies sleep whenever they want for as long as they want, and some believe in trying to control their baby’s sleeping patterns by waking them from naps at specific times in order … Read More

Christmas silliness and New Year’s plans…

1) Silliness: The part of me that is still a little girl gets a HUGE giggle out of these holiday cartoons every year: Silly Video Wherever you are and however you celebrate the season, I wish you and your family good health. Everything else is a bonus! 2) New Year’s Plans: If you’re thinking about making a career change in … Read More

Are sleep-deprived moms actually dangerous?

Okay, parents. Let me know if this sounds familiar. Your precious new bundle of joy wakes you up regularly throughout the night to be cuddled or rocked or fed back to sleep. You do it willingly because that’s what you think parents should do. When you finally drag yourself out of bed in the morning you are bleary-eyed and can’t … Read More

Are crib mattresses toxic?

When I was pregnant with my first son 12 years ago, I read an article that suggested that SIDS might be linked to the chemicals put into crib mattresses to make them fire resistant. I had no idea if the article was true or not, and I still haven’t found conclusive proof, but I figured that even without proof of … Read More

White noise to the rescue

There are countless things that can wake your child from a peaceful slumber, whether it’s a garbage truck going by, a car starting or your older child tearing down the hall singing the alphabet at the top of his lungs. Before you know it, baby is wide awake and you have to start the bedtime routine all over again. You … Read More