Keep Your Child From Leaving Their Room

There’s something so adorable about the first time your toddler comes out of their room after bedtime looking for another kiss goodnight. It gets significantly less adorable when they start doing it fifteen times a night. Somehow, the charm just wears a little thin. But how are you supposed to keep them in their room if they decide they want … Read More

The Importance of Consequences

There comes a point in every child’s development where they start to test their boundaries. Whether it’s around bedtime, food, playing well with others, or dozens of other scenarios where they’re expected to act a certain way, chances are they’re going to take a chance to see what happens if they don’t do what they’re told. The good news is … Read More

My Toddler Keeps Leaving Her Crib

Toddlers are surprisingly adept when it comes to climbing, and once they’ve figured out how to climb out of their crib, they tend to get a pretty big kick out of it. It can be a fun game for them, but much less so for you, if they’re leaving their room several times a night when they’re supposed to be … Read More

The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Heard

Today, I want to share a very succinct, very simple, and very important bit of parenting advice I got from an unlikely source when my first child was a toddler. Are you tired of butting heads with your little ones? Looking for a better way of resolving conflict with them? I’ve got just the thing! Kids:The Manual is filled with … Read More

Why is my Toddler Being Aggressive?

Toddlers have the ability to melt our hearts with their vulnerability, innocence, and abounding cuteness. And that can make it all the more confusing when they suddenly start to hit, shove, or bite. Aggressive behavior in toddlers is completely normal, as every parent knows, but that doesn’t mean that it should be permitted, or that you can’t take steps to … Read More

Picking Your Battles

As Kenny Rogers so famously put it, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em,” and that’s never so true as it is when dealing with a young child. If you were to stand firm every time you and your little one disagreed, you would spend almost all of your time in an argument. … Read More

The Importance of Being the Boss

From the time they’re toddlers until they’re fully grown, kids are likely going to test their parents’ authority. This isn’t an attempt to take over control of the household, however much it may seem that way. It’s almost always a testing of boundaries and a search for reassurance that the parent is in control, and giving up that authority is … Read More

The Problem With Praise

Every parent nowadays knows the value of encouragement and positive reinforcement when it comes to their kids. When they show good judgement, display good manners, or generally do the things we would like to see more of, we tell them how proud we are of them and what a good job they just did. It’s common sense, right? Reward the … Read More

Sleep Deprivation and Attention Deficit Disorder

There was a great article in the US News & World Report recently that looked at the complex relationship between sleep and attention deficit disorder. While the experts quoted in the piece haven’t determined exactly what the connection is between sleep and ADD, they’re definitely confident that a link exists. But what I found more interesting was a New York … Read More

What to do When Your Child Throws Their Lovie

One of the most common “stall tactics” babies use to delay their bedtime is the old, “Throw the toy out of the crib” game. You know the one, I’m sure. Baby gets settled into the crib, Mom says night-night, then baby throws their favorite stuffie or blanket out of the crib. Mom picks it up, puts it back in the … Read More