Is it your fault your child’s fat?

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. Obesity has become an alarming problem in the US. One in three kids are considered overweight, which is a shocking statistic if you think about it. Especially because we know that kids who are carrying extra pounds deal with such a wide range of serious issues, from bullying and crippling self-esteem problems to physical ailments. … Read More

Helping your kids manage holiday treats

Okay folks, it’s that wonderful time of year again! Parties and delicious dinners with friends and family are just around the corner. Unfortunately, all this holiday cheer also means your kids will be grabbing handfuls of festive candy from Aunt Sharon’s coffee table, or waiting until the adults are busy before sneaking treats off the dessert trays piled high with … Read More

this is GONE at midnight tonight…

Just a quick note to let you know that this offer will be disappearing at midnight tonight, which means you have about 12 hours left if you’re ready to: learn a simple, tantrum-free way to get your child to try new foods eliminate mealtime battles with your toddler and restore sanity to the supper table stop your child from begging for sugary … Read More

humiliating mommy moment #492

Let me paint a pathetic little picture for you. (I’m guessing some of you will be able to relate…) It’s a sunny spring day in Vancouver, Canada, where I was living at the time. My son and I are at the toddler park. He’s about 2 ½ years old. The park is full of moms wearing brand-new Yoga outfits and … Read More

Watch Out for Sugar!

Lately my kids have found me pretty annoying. I recently watched the documentary Fed Up, which exposes the dangers of sugar and how it’s causing huge health issues, and when I learned how much sugar Americans are consuming on a daily basis (over twice the recommended amount), I cut back drastically on what I offer my kids. I have stopped … Read More

Is your toddler a “sugar junkie”?

So I just watched an interesting documentary called “Fed Up.” It’s all about our culture’s addiction to sugar. Have you seen it? I have to say, I agreed with a lot of what I saw in that movie. Especially since I am pretty convinced that I (accidentally) managed to get my first son hooked on sugar. Seriously… he would be … Read More

Is sugar turning your toddler into a terror?

Toddlers are notoriously moody. As soon as they learn the word no, it usually becomes their response to every request, whether it’s brushing their teeth, getting in the car or eating their grilled cheese sandwich. Tantrums are a fact of life with young children, and most times you just need to ride them out. But wildly fluctuating moods are another … Read More

Kids that gag or vomit when they eat

Many parents have witnessed their young child gagging or even vomiting when attempting to try to eat certain foods. This is quite a common phenomenon, and is generally nothing to worry about. Some children are simply adverse to new or unfamiliar textures in their food, and have an extremely sensitive gag reflex that is triggered when a particular food touches … Read More

How Nutrition Affects Sleep

Sleep is a tricky thing. For some kids it comes easy. They simply lie down, close their eyes and they’re off to dreamland. For others, as many of you know, it can be a lot more challenging. They end up tossing and turning, throwing the covers off, getting up for glasses of water and taking a long time to finally drift … Read More

The Dreaded “Milk Junkie”

When my son was a toddler, I used to call him a “milk junkie.”  He honestly used to drive me crazy by following me around the house, saying, “Meelk, meelk.” The problem was that he hardly ate anything all day. I would put him in his highchair and offer him a few choices I knew he should enjoy. He would … Read More