this disappears at midnight…

Just wanted to mention that this offer is being taken down for good at midnight tonight. If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow, no-nonsense approach that will: Get your child to stop whining… and start communicating. Stop those seemingly endless “arguments” with your child over even the smallest things. Quickly eliminate fighting between siblings (or other children at the park.) … as well as … Read More

Back to School Sleep Tips

During summer months, we have a way of letting bedtimes sneak later and later. It has much to do with the fact that the daylight hours are longer, thus interfering with the release of Melatonin (our ‘sleepy hormone’).  That, and the fact that we feel the need to get out there and enjoy every bit of the warm weather and … Read More

Kid-Friendly Snack Ideas For Picky Eaters

There’s no doubt about it, kids love to snack. And nothing gives parents more satisfaction than seeing their child eat healthy food. Go to any play group or park and you will see most parents toting around a bag bulging with little containers of crackers, cheese, fruit, juice boxes, granola bars…they usually have enough food for a small army! It’s … Read More

How To STOP Worrying About Your Child’s Diet

If you’re anything like I was as a new mother, you’re probably worried about your child’s diet. Lord knows I was — but with good reason! My first son was a VERY fussy eater. It seemed like he’d exist on nothing by crackers and milk for days at a time! His diet became a bit of an obsession for me … Read More

going, going, gone…

Just a quick heads-up that there are only 12 hours left before this offer disappears forever: The Food Sense Program — Expires at midnight If you decide to give this a try, here’s what you should expect: Your child will no longer beg for sweets, treats, dessert, and other junk foods. Mealtimes will be pleasant and civilized. No more battles at the … Read More

“I hate this!”

My friend Janice had just placed a bowl of macaroni and cheese in front of her 4-year-old (after he’d already refused to eat the peanut butter sandwich she’d originally made for his lunch), when he looks at her with tears in his eyes and — before he even tastes it — says to her: “I hate this!” If you can … Read More

Why You Don’t Want To Be Your Child’s Best Friend

A friend of mine has a preteen daughter. They are joined at the hip, and the mother lets her stay up late and watch movies that aren’t appropriate for her age and lets her wear clothes that are too revealing. She allows her to eat lots of junk food and buys her whatever she wants. She rarely says no to … Read More

“sanity-saving” trick for parents

If you’re the parent of a child who seems to be “hooked” on sugary treats or other junk food, this little trick is going to save your sanity. But be warned: You’ll probably think I’m crazy when you first read it! Why? Well for one thing, I’m going to tell you to give your child whatever kind of junk food … Read More

Are You Obsessed With Your Child’s Weight?

Parents, I know it’s almost impossible not to worry when it comes to our kids. Are they eating enough, are they eating too much, are they sleeping enough or too little? Pretty much from the time they’re born our kids bear the brunt of our concern. But while it is our job to make sure they are healthy and happy, … Read More

How to Deal With a Snack Addict

Baby Eating | KIDS: The Manual for Parents

My first son was a snack food addict. You name it: crackers, goldfish bites, granola bars, tortilla chips… he loved it all and would happily stuff his face! But when it came to eating a real meal – you know, the kind you spent an hour preparing – he wouldn’t eat a single bite. It was SOOO frustrating! If we … Read More