This Sounds Awful, Right?

How’d you like to spend the next 2 months engaged in a “battle of wills” with your toddler? A battle where, 10 or 20 times per day, you try to force your child to do something he doesn’t want to do? And if things don’t go according to plan, you end up having to clean up some really nasty messes? … Read More

What To Do When Your Child’s Not Interested In Potty Training

For some toddlers, potty training is a breeze: they take to it right away, and before you know it you’ve ditched the diapers for good. Other kids take more time to adjust to this big change and there can be lots of accidents and many loads of laundry before they finally start to get the hang of using their big-kid … Read More

Free Stuff For Moms

Today, I’ve got some free stuff for everyone: 1) In Case You Missed It: Last week, I hosted an online class talking about some of the best (and worst) ways for at-home moms to earn an income. It was a great event, but a lot of you e-mailed me saying that you weren’t able to attend because it was in the middle of the … Read More

How To Argue In Front Of Your Kids (If You Must)

Unfortunately, having arguments with the people we love is just a part of life. Some couples are loud and passionate, and some just give each other the cold shoulder when they’re upset. Fights and disagreements are a normal part of any healthy relationship, but when there are kids involved it’s important to fight fair. Fighting can become even more common … Read More

Help! Why won’t my child go poo?

During the potty training process, there are always some challenges: accidents, tantrums, mountains of laundry. Parents usually expect this and know it’s not going to be smooth sailing right away. But some parents are still surprised when their child digs his heels in and simply refuses to go poo. They feel like they’re doing all the right things…they ask their … Read More

Truth And Lies About Potty Training

Money in Diaper - No Sweat Potty Training

I have 3 kids, and even though I used the same strategies for potty training each of them, the experience, and their mastery of the skills were very different. My daughter took to it like a duck to water, while my two sons were much more of a challenge. As frustrating as it may be at times, it helps to … Read More

The BEST Parenting Advice Ever

Baby Crying in Mother's Arms | KIDS: The Manual for Parents

I remember one of my very first “A-ha!” moments as a parent… I was at a baby play group with my first son, who was about 15 months old at the time. I found myself talking to a dentist, and he was telling me about how important it was to brush my son’s teeth (AND wipe his gums) twice each … Read More

“Must-Try” Tips for Potty Training

I’m  not sure I’ll ever tell my son this, but he had to be one of the hardest children to potty train that I have ever met! He resisted it every step of the way. There were tears and tantrums, fits and breakdowns. It took us months to get to the point that he was potty independent, but we pushed through. Once … Read More

Diaper-free, but what’s with the wet pants? How to stop recurring accidents

It’s always a happy time when your toddler finally starts using the potty and diapers are no longer part of your daily life. You’re thrilled that you don’t have to haul around overstuffed bags of diapers and wipes, and all that money you’re saving might even add up to having the extra cash for romantic date nights with your spouse. … Read More

Common Boy Potty Training Challenges

Does your boy wet his pants when he doesn’t want to stop playing and take the time to go to the bathroom? Don’t worry — you are not alone. I have put together a short video offering advice for parents dealing with this common boy potting training issue. If you’d rather read than watch, there’s a link to a full … Read More