Sleep Training a Newborn With a Toddler in the House

Teaching a newborn the skills they need to sleep independently can be a little tough on a parent, but the difficulty level raises significantly when there’s another child in the house. Letting a baby cry for a few minutes at a time can be really disruptive for a toddler in the adjacent room. So what are you supposed to do … Read More

Transitioning From 2 Naps to 1

Around the time of your baby’s first birthday, they’re likely to start needing slightly less daytime sleep. This usually means they can switch from two shorter daytime naps down to one longer one. This can be a very tough transition to make. Pushing their nap time later in the day can lead to overtiredness, but letting them sleep too early … Read More

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

So I know this is where you usually come for my weekly video tips, and I’ll be back with those next week, but I had some pretty big news that I wanted to share with everyone. A couple of months ago, a friend and business coach of mine saw that Ginger Zee, who you might know as the Chief Meteorologist … Read More

Baby Keeps Waking Up When I Put Her in the Crib

You know the scenario, I’m sure. Your little one is clearly exhausted, you shush and bounce and sing them off to sleep, place her ever-so-gently into the crib, then just as you’re walking out the door, their eyes pop open and you start the process all over again. There’s a surprisingly simple reason why this happens so often, and if … Read More

What Does “Cry-it-Out” Really Mean?

We hear the term “cry-it-out” a lot when it comes to sleep training, and it doesn’t always have the nicest connotation. Many new parents tend to think it involves placing their newborn in the crib, closing the door, and leaving their precious new baby alone until 7:00 rolls around. For anyone under this impression, I can happily tell you that … Read More

Does Your Child Push Bedtime Boundaries?

So… you’ve spent two or three years establishing the rules and maintaining a consistent routine. Your child knows the drill when bedtime rolls around, has learned how to fall asleep independently, and bedtime is typically a wonderful experience. You read some stories, sing a few songs, and spend some quality bonding time with each other before your child goes down … Read More

The 4-Month Sleep Regression

As a new parent, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term “sleep regression” from a friend, parent, or anyone else you’ve talked to about the adventure you’re about to embark on. Most of these regressions are just the result of an illness or a change in environment, but the 4-month sleep regression is a different animal altogether. I’ll tell you what makes … Read More

Baby’s Waking Up Early

I know, I know. You don’t want to complain about early wake-ups now that baby’s finally sleeping through the night. But getting up at 5 AM is no picnic for you or your baby, and solving what is often the final piece of the sleep puzzle is usually easier than parents expect, and well worth that last little bit of … Read More

Why is my Baby Taking Such Short Naps?

One of the most common concerns I hear from parents, especially of younger babies, is that their little ones will go down for naps with no fussing or protest, only to wake up half an hour later, clearly still tired, but refusing to go back to sleep. There’s actually a simple explanation for why this happens, why it’s always around … Read More

Sleep Deprivation and Attention Deficit Disorder

There was a great article in the US News & World Report recently that looked at the complex relationship between sleep and attention deficit disorder. While the experts quoted in the piece haven’t determined exactly what the connection is between sleep and ADD, they’re definitely confident that a link exists. But what I found more interesting was a New York … Read More