Sleep Training a Newborn With a Toddler in the House

Teaching a newborn the skills they need to sleep independently can be a little tough on a parent, but the difficulty level raises significantly when there’s another child in the house. Letting a baby cry for a few minutes at a time can be really disruptive for a toddler in the adjacent room. So what are you supposed to do … Read More

Getting Rid of the Pacifier

Pacifiers are a great source of comfort for babies, and an absolute blessing for any parent who has ever found themselves in need of a quick solution to their baby’s fussing. But they can’t stick around forever, and taking them away can be a hard milestone for your little one to accept. In today’s video, I have some tips to … Read More

My Toddler Keeps Leaving Her Crib

Toddlers are surprisingly adept when it comes to climbing, and once they’ve figured out how to climb out of their crib, they tend to get a pretty big kick out of it. It can be a fun game for them, but much less so for you, if they’re leaving their room several times a night when they’re supposed to be … Read More

Switching to a Big Kid Bed

Sooner or later, the time is going to come to move your toddler out of the crib and into a “big kid” bed. It can be an exciting time for your little one, but it can also cause some regression and disturbance in their sleep. In today’s video, I have some tips to help you determine whether now is a … Read More

Sleep Training When Siblings Share a Room

One of the more common questions I get asked is from parents who have an older child and a new baby sharing a space. The question, as you can probably guess, is “How do I sleep train my baby without disturbing my toddler in the process?” It’s definitely a tricky situation but I have some tips today to help you … Read More

Are There Any “Good” Sleep Props?

If you have watched my videos before, you’re probably familiar with the term, “Sleep props.” I use it to describe anything a baby relies on in order to get to sleep, such as rocking, feeding, sucking on a pacifier, car rides, and so on. You also probably know that I suggest eliminating sleep props from your little one’s bedtime routine … Read More

Why is my Toddler Being Aggressive?

Toddlers have the ability to melt our hearts with their vulnerability, innocence, and abounding cuteness. And that can make it all the more confusing when they suddenly start to hit, shove, or bite. Aggressive behavior in toddlers is completely normal, as every parent knows, but that doesn’t mean that it should be permitted, or that you can’t take steps to … Read More

Does Your Child Push Bedtime Boundaries?

So… you’ve spent two or three years establishing the rules and maintaining a consistent routine. Your child knows the drill when bedtime rolls around, has learned how to fall asleep independently, and bedtime is typically a wonderful experience. You read some stories, sing a few songs, and spend some quality bonding time with each other before your child goes down … Read More

Getting Started With Potty Training

Most milestones in parenthood are a little on the bittersweet side. The feeling that our babies are growing up so quickly can be emotional, to say the least. Not so much with potty training though. The day we get to stop dealing with diapers is pretty heavily weighted in the “Oh yeah!” category. But it can be tough to know … Read More

Getting Your Kids to Listen

Nothing causes quite as much frustration for parents as the feeling that their kids aren’t listening to them. A simple request, like getting shoes on or closing a door, can lead to a frustrated outburst when it has to be repeated a dozen times. Today, I’ve got some tips to encourage effective communication with your kids, and end those “talking … Read More