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"I hate this!"

poor eater boy with mum cartoonMy friend Janice had just placed a bowl of macaroni and cheese in front of her 4-year-old (after he’d already refused to eat the peanut butter sandwich she’d originally made for his lunch), when he looks at her with tears in his eyes and — before he even tastes it — says to her:

“I hate this!”

If you can relate, keep reading because I’ll show you a way to not only get your child to eat healthier foods, but also to eliminate mealtime battles and rude behavior at the table — guaranteed!

You see, I had some pretty troubling food issues with my oldest son, Charlie. He pretty much lived on milk and crackers. Even foods that every other kid loved, things like french fries and grilled cheese sandwiches, Charlie would refuse to eat.

It didn’t help that he was a very small and thin child. I was constantly fretting that he wasn’t getting enough to eat, and when he WOULD eat, I would worry that he wasn’t getting proper nutrition.

This went on for YEARS! As he got older, we’d get into big arguments at the dinner table, because I would insist that he had to eat his meal, and he would sit there and cry about how he didn’t like anything I made. In other words, meals were an extremely stressful time for all of us.

After a while, I began to worry that all this mealtime trauma would create life-long food issues with my son, and that was a chance I was simply NOT willing to take.

So I finally decided that enough was enough, and I called up a professional nutritionist and dietician, and together, we came up with a plan.

Now, even though I’m a BIG believer in planning… and even though I try to be an optimist… I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical as to whether or not any of this was going to work.

Not because the system was complicated or anything. In fact, the steps were extremely simple and easy to follow. The reason I was so skeptical was because Charlie’s eating problems had been going on so long… I simply couldn’t imagine things being any different!

So you can imagine how flabbergasted I was when, just a few short days after I started this program, my “milk and crackers only” son cautiously started tasting the carrots and chicken we were having for dinner!

Fast forward to today, and he’s a completely different child when it comes to his eating habits. He sits politely at the table at mealtimes and tastes everything on his plate. He wolfs down his vegetables. Whenever we’re having broccoli, we actually have to make extra because it is now one of Charlie’s favorite foods!

So what does all this have to do with you? Well, if you’ve been going through something similar with your child, I wanted to let you know that the very same program I used to fix my son’s eating problems is now available online for you to try out for yourself!

And I wanted to let you know about it *right now* because the price has been discounted for the next 7 days only!

So here’s what I want you to do next. Go to:

foodsense (1)The Food Sense Program

… and get a no-risk copy for yourself. Then, give it a try and prove to yourself that even the fussiest kids CAN change their bad eating habits — usually a lot faster that you think!

(And if it DOESN’T work, there’s a money-back guarantee and it won’t have cost you a thing!)

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