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Since 2003, more than 109,000 parents have successfully used The Sleep Sense™ Program to improve their children’s sleep. Unlike sleep training programs based on a philosophical stand on the issue of “crying it out,” The Sleep Sense™ Program accommodates different parenting styles. Parents get an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that allows them to make choices to determine the right approach for each child, and specific guidance on how to measure success. Below is selected sleep news, interviews and media coverage of The Sleep Sense™ Program.

Media Contact

Dana Obleman, mother of three and a professional child sleep consultant since 2003, has made numerous television and radio appearances, been featured in national and local newspapers, spoken at multiple parenting trade shows and baby conventions, and co-hosted the popular radio program “Parenting Today.” She has degrees in Psychology and Elementary Education and is a professional member of the National Sleep Foundation. For more information about Dana and The Sleep Sense™ Program, please download the Sleep Sense™ Press Kit.

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Sleep News, Selected Interviews and Media Coverage

Meet Dana Obleman
Sunny Coast Kids

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The Huffington Post

Staving Off Junior Jet Lag
By Jill Martin Wren, CNN

Moving to a Big-Kid Bed
by Teresa Pitman, Today’s Parent

Parents, Get Your Bed Back
By Lisa Fields, WebMD

Baby Sleep Strategies
It’s Your Health Radio with Lisa Davis

Getting Baby to Sleep
Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer, Shaw Television

Baby Sleep
The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti, CBC Radio

From Crib to Big-Kid Bed
By Lisa Murphy, Canadian Family

7 Mistakes That New Parents Make

Media Releases

Four Simple Steps to End Thumb Sucking

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Five Grown-Up Reasons to Teach Children to Sleep

Top Five Tips for Traveling with Young Children

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