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Parents have much to gain from child and baby sleep help: from silencing busybodies to rekindling romance!

SARASOTA, FL – It’s clear that there are real benefits for kids who develop healthy sleep habits, including higher IQs, lower risk of obesity, better test scores, and (in boys) a lower risk for hyperactivity. What’s less often discussed is that parents also benefit when kids learn how to sleep through the night – and that it’s okay for parents to embrace those “selfish” benefits when thinking about sleep training their kids.

According to Dana Obleman, internationally recognized child sleep expert and author of The Sleep Sense™ Program (, parents often have “secret” reasons for wanting to get child and baby sleep help – secret because they don’t want to be judged as selfish. “The simple truth is that healthy sleep habits in children benefit both the children themselves and their parents,” Obleman says. ‘Parents should not feel embarrassed or selfish about wanting to improve their own lives by helping their kids become expert sleepers.”

Top 5 “Secret” Reasons to Get Child & Baby Sleep Help

Here are Obleman’s top five “secret” grown-up reasons parents may want to sleep-train their kids:

  1. Friends start talking: People understand that a baby or toddler can turn new parents into zombies – for awhile. When it goes on too long and friends feel mistreated, they’re prone to start trading unkind stories.
  2. Social life shutdown: Anyone who’s been taken hostage by a one-year-old who “only sleeps for Mommy” understands the growing longing for social contact with grown-up friends.
  3. A little “me time”: A quiet evening watching favorite TV reruns or curled up with a good book while the kids are asleep helps parents refresh and recharge.
  4. And a little romance: Exhaustion and frustration can kill a couple’s sex life. Getting the kids to bed creates time for intimacy that helps keep parents happy and connected, making them a better parenting team.
  5. The Mother-in-Law: Every parent has a family member that’s a little too free with the advice (and criticism). Having a child that sleeps like a champion keeps “helpful suggestions” at bay.

Teaching kids to have healthy sleep habits does benefit parents, it’s true. But there’s nothing selfish about wanting children to get the rest they need to be happy, engaged, and ready to learn. Strategies to help kids learn to sleep through the night can be found at

About Dana Obleman and The Sleep Sense™ Program

Dana Obleman, mother of three and a professional child sleep consultant since 2003, has made numerous television appearances, been featured in national and local newspapers, spoken at multiple parenting trade shows and baby conventions, and co-hosted the popular radio program “Parenting Today.” She has degrees in Psychology and Elementary Education and is a professional member of the National Sleep Foundation.

Since 2003, more than 109,000 parents have successfully used The Sleep Sense™ Program to improve their children’s sleep. Unlike sleep training programs based on a philosophical stand on the issue of “crying it out,” The Sleep Sense™ Program accommodates different parenting styles. Parents get an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that allows them to make choices to determine the right approach for each child, and specific guidance on how to measure success.

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