Courtney Zentz, CLC, Postpartum Doula
Owner, Tiny Transitions
Philadelphia, PA & New Jersey

As a Certified Lactation Counselor and certified pediatric sleep specialist, I have helped hundreds of families get the sleep everyone needs to feel their best. I created Tiny Transitions Infant and Toddler Sleep Solutions because I understand that a well-rested child is happier, eats better and has more energy to grow and explore their surroundings. My approach is quite different from other “sleep coaching” services out there, it is not a “cry it out” solution and is completely customized to your child’s needs and your parenting style.

I work with children from birth through young adults and have become a sleep specialist that families all over the world can trust. Not sure which baby & toddler sleep consultant is right for you? Let’s set up a time to speak!



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