Bailey Aulenbach
Founder - Midnight Mama Sleep Consulting
Fort McMurray, AB

As a mother to a busy toddler, who had sleep issues, I can understand and sympathize with the stress and strain that overtiredness can cause on a family. My name is Bailey Aulenbach and I am the founder of Midnight Mama Sleep Consulting. I am married to my best friend, Nathan, and together we have 1 beautiful son.

Just as you are reaching out for help – so did I!! I hired a sleep consultant for my own son when we were in the middle of our struggles. It changed my life.

Sleeping well sparked my passion for helping others sleep well too! I remember going to bed feeling anxious and praying to not hear my son cry out for at least a few more hours. Now, he sleeps a peaceful 12 hours and wakes up a happy, well-rested baby. I am confident I can help your child do the same!

If you’re looking for a change, but are unsure of how to start, please reach out. I would be so happy to help guide you down the path to a better sleep. Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your children. You matter too!