Alex Powell
Founder of Lightzzz Out Sleep Consultancy
Cheshire, United Kingdom

As a fellow member of the ‘tired parents club’, I finally enlisted the help of a sleep consultant, for my own sleep dodging son, Monty. Naps were a struggle and the combination of night wakings and super early starts, resulted in my family looking and feeling like zombies! The struggle is real and sleep deprivation can impact so many aspects of your life.

The successful training our son had such a positive change, that I decided to have a complete career change and become certified and share this knowledge! I will support your family and guide you through the journey to getting your child to sleep and staying so until an acceptable hour, with no wakings or escapes from their bed!

Bringing a child into the world does NOT mean you have to sacrifice your sleep! I am offering my support as I have been there, and I now have a child that goes to bed, sleeps through and wakes at an acceptable time for us as a family. Phew!