Amber Pushie
Amber Pushie Sleep
Central Alberta

Are you feeling like you don’t know which way is up these days? Or what day or month you are in because you haven’t slept a full night in, well, you don’t know since when?

I started this journey of sleep consulting because that is exactly how I felt! I discovered what sleep training entailed and applied that knowledge to training both my boys. I couldn’t believe what we seen and experienced, it was a total game changer for our household. I thought that my boys were happy until we sleep trained them and realized that they were even happier! Who knew?? We discovered that life could be so much more when we were all rested and ready for a new day. This is why I want to share my experience and help families achieve the magical gift of sleep. I realized that not only can this training be a magical gift for your child, it can be the best gift for you and your spouse as well.

Let’s work together so your family can experience the gift of sleep once again!