Amy Huebner
Founder, Hushabye Baby
Victoria, Australia

Hi, I’m Amy.

When I had my first baby, I soon came to realise how important sleep is, for everyone in the family! We had our struggles and the lack of sleep started to really take its toll. I didn’t even recognise the person I had become! I was so exhausted!

It was a basic and consistent routine, with some sleep skills thrown in that got us over the line to start sleeping better – it changed our world, we honestly couldn’t have taken status quo for much longer!

I now have 3 young boys – Joel, Kayden, and little Jack. Prior to having my children, my background was in Human Resources and Project Management. When it came time for me to get back to work, I felt a pull to try to help parents, like the ones all around me, who were struggling with sleep. This is what lead me to Dana Obleman.

I am now a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant. My work focuses on giving families the tools and support they need to get their little ones sleeping well. I absolutely love seeing how lives can be changed after babies, toddlers, Mums and Dads, start getting the sleep they need.