Andrea McPherson
Founder - Whole Night Sleep Consulting
Central Alberta, Canada

Hi! I’m Andrea and I am a Registered Nurse with 10+ years experience working in Labour & Delivery and Public Health. As a mother of 2, I have benefited firsthand from the nourishing rhythms healthy sleep habits established in our home. But it certainly wasn’t this way from the beginning. I remember the sleep struggle with my firstborn vividly. Like so many new parents, our whole family was struggling with how to find the rest and balance we needed. Thankfully after learning and implementing wholesome sleep strategies, we witnessed a radical improvement in our overall well being.

From this transformative personal experience and my many years working in maternal and child health, I knew I wanted to share this knowledge with other families who feel like sleep is just beyond grasp. I want to assure you, healthy sleep is attainable! I am passionate about helping families sleep better and am sincerely grateful for every family I meet who entrusts their sleep rhythm to me.