Anne-Cécile DAUBIES
Founder - L'enfant Do

Hello, I am Anne-Cécile, a certified Sleep Sense™ consultant and founder of L’enfant Do.

L’enfant Do is the name of a famous French lullaby that I sang thousands of time to my first daughter to get her to sleep…

I am a mother of 2 children and I quickly realized that a good sleep was key for their well-being and mine as well ! In fact, daily life can become physically and morally exhausting when you are sleep deprived.  Today, my children are sleeping well (so do I !) and as a Certified Sleep Consultant, I am happy to help other parents to regain peaceful evenings and nights !

There is no miracle solution. It is a process that must be carried out gradually, with kindness, respecting the child’s uniqueness.  I’d be honored to be your guide to get your family sleeping through the night ! Anne-Cécile