Annie Henderson
Annie’s Child Sleep Solutions
Northern VA, Washington DC, Maryland

Hi, I am Annie Henderson, a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant. My journey to become a sleep consultant started with my daughter Harper. When she was 6 months old I decided to look into sleep training because I was 4 months pregnant with my son, Hudson. Yes, I have Irish twins! I knew I couldn’t take the chance on waiting for her to just one day decide to sleep through the night. I used The Sleep Sense Program program to sleep train my daughter.

After just a few nights on the program, I was blown away by the progress my daughter had made. Within two weeks she was sleeping 10-11 hours every night and I was finally feeling confident in the fact that I could take care of two babies and not be a mombie. It was obvious to me from that point that I had to make this my career.

I am very confident in my ability to help other parents teach their children how to sleep and finally get a better night’s rest. When Hudson arrived, I started the program from day one and by 7 weeks old he was sleeping 12 hours a night. I was one well-rested momma!