April Gerrard
Counting Dreams Sleep Consulting
Red Deer County, Alberta

Hello! My name is April Gerrard. I am the founder and owner of Counting Dreams Sleep Consulting and a Certified Pediatric Sleep Sense Consultant. I am a mother to two wonderful children. My children have taught my husband and I many important life lessons. One of which was the importance of a good night’s sleep! Our oldest child was not a good sleeper! Both my husband and I were up many times every night with him. After experiencing this for many months, I know firsthand the effects of being a sleep deprived parent and the negative impact it can have on your entire family!

After discovering the Sleep Sense Program and working with a certified consultant, our family’s sleepless nights resolved, and everything changed for us for the better! Our family is now well rested, and we have a happy and healthy family dynamic.

This is what sparked my passion to help every child and family obtain the gift of sleep and the reason why I became a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant. I strive to work with families by providing one-on-one coaching to help their children generate healthy sleep habits. Every child and family deserve the gift of sleep and I can help you obtain this! With my support, being consistent and a customized plan, you and your child don’t need to suffer anymore. By achieving great sleep for your entire family, you will all be healthier and happier.