Ashley Cox
Once Upon a Slumber, LLC
Vero Beach, Florida

My name is Ashley Cox and I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Sense™ Consultant. The Sleep Sense™ Program developed by Dana Obleman completely changed my life. I was one of those parents convinced being sleep deprived was part of being a new mom. I am passionate about the opportunity to help other moms like myself struggling with sleep and be able to provide them with gift of good sleep habits.

My son, Brody, started out the king of sleep props. I HAD to have the Snoo thinking it would provide me with the best and easiest route to good sleep. Fast forward to 6 months old. Brody was dependent on sleep props and I found myself waking up every hour of the night, replacing a paci, rocking to sleep, anything I could possibly do to get this little person back to sleep. I finally met my wits end when my lack of sleep was interfering with my job, my relationship, and nothing I seemed to be doing was helping. I wasn’t getting any sleep, he wasn’t getting any sleep. We both needed a change. That is when I started my research and found out about The Sleep Sense™ Program and hired my own one-on-one sleep consultant.