Ausra Cirkelyte
Founder of King of Sleep
Dubai and Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates and Middle East

Hello! My name is Ausra. I am a Pediatric Sleep Consultant. I am professionally trained and certified pediatric sleep consultant helping babies, children as well as their parents to get a full night sleep.

As a professional in my field, I have undergone a comprehensive training and mentoring programs which have given me the very best tools and knowledge to help you. I can help you learn how to teach your child self-soothing skills, how to go to sleep and get back to sleep independently, and how to take restorative and healthful naps.

I understand how a child’s sleep issues can affect the whole family’s well-being. I am a mother of two, and I was a sleepless mama myself when I first became a parent. My son was sleeping only in my hands and there was no other way to make him sleep.

Thank God, I hired a professional to help me with this, and this has truly changed my life within a few days. My son Hamdan was sleeping peacefully and finally started getting all the sleep that he required.

Seeing this amazing transformation, I have decided to follow this path, and transform the lives of other families who have children struggling to sleep through the night.

I hope to change people’s lives just as my own life was changed!

Being a Pediatric Sleep Coach today, I understand the main challenges that parents go through, and my true goal is to help those families as much as I can. Therefore, working with families I offer additional support which helps parents to feel even more confident and looked after. I believe that every child is unique, and there is no one way that fits all children. That’s why I fully customize a sleep plan for every child to suit every family’s needs. I use gentle approaches which do not involve the “Cry-It-Out” Method.

I have worked with over 300 families around the globe to get their sleep and get their lives back on track, and I would love to help you too!

Let’s get your family sleeping through the night!

I look forward to hearing from you!