Bhavika Jethwani
Founder-Little Sleep Sanctuary
Dubai, U.A.E.

Hi, I’m Bhavika, the founder of Little Sleep Sanctuary. I’m an Indian Expat living in Dubai for the last 30 years and loving this eternal phase of life called “motherhood”.

I’m a mother of 2 amazing boys, who are growing up to be such unique, lovable and inspiring human beings.

My journey to motherhood began in 2008 with the birth of my 1st son who redefined the meaning of unconditional love for me. The second one came along in 2011, my joy knew no bounds.

His night sleep nonetheless was disastrous, waking up every hour to nurse night after night. However rewarding motherhood was, sleep deprivation took a toll on me.

Juggling with 2 kids and not managing to get a decent night’s sleep, I was rushed to the Emergency room one night from exhaustion. This was when my younger son was 9 months old.

I must admit that I felt very anxious, emotional, exhausted, and even irrational at many times up until the night of the ER visit (where I thought I might not make it), but I didn’t act on my body’s cues that it needed help!

I assumed sleep deprivation was a normal price to pay for having kids. Furthermore, the hospital visit was a huge wake-up call! I realised that if the lack of undisturbed sleep could be so detrimental to me, it would definitely be detrimental to my son’s health too!

That was when I knew I had to reach out for help. Sleep is the most essential element for a healthy body and mind, I couldn’t wait to help my son sleep through the night. As soon as I had made the commitment to sleep train, I hired a Sleep Sense™ certified coach who helped me tremendously and we restored the much-needed balance to our lives as a family

This was the magical moment when I realised that this was the gift I would like to give every struggling mother who needs this support to revive the balance in her family’s life.

I am now a Sleep Sense™ Certified consultant and have never looked back ever since. I love working with families who are facing issues with their children’s sleep and get them feeling ‘Revived’ from ‘Sleep Deprived’. What I do as my job brings me pure joy and emotional fulfilment as I know the feeling of distress that comes with being in such a situation.

It’s my passion to ‘help families sleep better’.