Brandy Carlson, MSW
Sea Breeze Sleep Consulting
Tallahassee/Big Bend Area, Florida

My name is Brandy Carlson. I am a mom, wife, Certified Sleep Sense Consultant, and owner/operator of Sea Breeze Sleep Consulting. I have a master’s degree in Social Work and 20 years of experience working directly with children and families and the programs that serve them.

I have firsthand experience being an exhausted mom and trying to balance it all. Before becoming a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I had a stressful job that required travel, working long hours, and always needing to bring my best self to work. I was getting sick frequently, experienced periods of postpartum depression, and was exhausted. That’s when I found the Sleep Sense Program and it was a dream come true for our family.

Helping other families experience these life-changing results is such an honor and is constantly rewarding. I am passionate about making sure the children and families I work with meet their self-identified sleep goals and I continue supporting them until that happens.

Please contact me so we can work together to get your child(ren) sleeping well soon!