Briana Matthews
Owner & Creator - Margo & Mable Sleep Solutions
Green Bay, WI

My name is Briana (Bri works too) and I created Margo & Mabel Sleep Solutions. Since my daughter was 3 weeks and 3 days old I vowed I would not, could not live life as the mom I wanted to be if I were sleep-deprived. Afraid enough to deal with post-partum depression, I took in every bit of sleep help I could before it would be too late. She took to it wonderfully; I felt like Superwoman. So empowered by teaching my tiny babe something so intrinsic to her quality of life already, I felt compelled to share the beauty of healthy sleep habits for the whole family.

I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. Feeling all 4 seasons is something I am truly grateful for as a life experience, but our “frozen-tundra” winters here in the Midwest are not so favorable for a girl like me…I love to scuba dive and see things our average human may not in a life time. I started college with a focus on animal biology- then life took a quick left turn on me. I joined the US Navy looking for some sort of structure after that. It didn’t help like I thought it would… Another left turn. I turned into a barista with daily espresso shots and as a pharmacy technician, I spent the next 10 years becoming an oncology pharmacy expert.

First in a hospital, filling med machines and surgery suites at 2 am. Then I learned to compound IV medications and the muscle memory in my fingers was fired up and I loved it. I moved on to home-infusion pharmacy, producing IV antibiotics and supplements for patients at home. Then I upgraded again to oncology; chemo and immuno-therapy. I lost someone dear to me on one of those left turns to cancer and I was ready to face it head on. I put myself in the most vulnerable spot- mixing hazardous drugs, the exact ones that couldn’t save him. Some years into medical oncology I became the leader of my infusion pharmacy team. 1 year after that I’d seen the whole cancer bout full circle; and that was enough for me. I still mix because I love the act of it, but my passion has taken a right turn this time.

I am a sleep consultant because I love to give to others. The gift of sleep is not to be overlooked! I believe there are gentle and caring ways to teach our children to sleep, so that we too as parents can feel good about getting our own restful nights. I can prepare parents for their newborn, guide a 1-year old to sleep 11 hours straight or help re-direct toddlers fighting bedtime. Let’s get in touch, I’m here to hear it!