Brooke Hohenadel
Bedtime Beginnings
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Hello, my name is Brooke Hohenadel, owner of Bedtime Beginnings. As a professional in the field, my focus is on helping families teach their children the invaluable skill of sleeping! I am very passionate about supporting families while they reach success with the program and focus on educating parents on the importance of sleep so that they feel confident implementing their personalized Sleep Plan.

I started this journey because I had struggled to get my daughter to sleep through the night; my breaking point was after my husband broke his leg and I found myself taking care of two babies (one just a little larger than the other…). Knowing the importance of sleep I sought out Dana and her Sleep Sense Program. This was a lifesaver for me as I know it has been for many others as well.

I am happy to report I have a 100% success rate so far; it brings me great joy to know how I have changed people’s lives for the better and improved the overall quality of life for both the child and their parents. After only a few short days I can tell the person at the other end of my phone call is more upbeat, happier and healthier. It is a very rewarding career and I am so fortunate to have found this wonderful opportunity and to have started my own business doing something I am passionate about, helping people.

If you are struggling with getting your little one to sleep and can only vaguely remember what a full night’s sleep felt like, I encourage you to contact me so I can get you and your family sleeping through the night again.