Bryn Gunning
Bryn Gunning Sleep Consulting and Confidence Coaching
Calgary and surrounding areas

Hey everybody! My name is Bryn. I am a mom of two crazy toddlers, three huge rescue dogs and a wonderful husband who loves our chaotic household as much as I do. I am a social worker, a life coach for new moms, and a sleep sense consultant. My business is called, The Wisdom Gardener. I am a fierce advocate of mental health. I feel strongly that we need to normalize conversations about mental health, provide education, awareness and resources to support moms everywhere.

I have worked extensively in the social work field including addictions, mental health, families homelessness, and domestic violence. My absolute passion in life is mental health. I believe that sometimes society shames women into silence for various choices they make during parenthood and it shouldn’t have be that way. My goal in life is to bring awareness to mothers everywhere – to provide knowledge, insight, education and resources so that they can be the best mothers they can be to their children and so that they don’t have to feel alone.

I offer FREE mental health bootcamps for new moms where we talk extensively about depression, isolation, anxiety, sleep and relationships and I also offer a 6 week online program for new moms that goes way more in-depth with these issues. I provide moms with the tools they need to feel confident and prepared for early motherhood. In addition to this package I am also a Sleep Sense Consultant so I offer sleep training packages for new moms to help get their babies to sleep. Sleep deprivation is a fundamental part of mental health and I know how much of a difference it made to me personally when my babies both started sleeping through the night.

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