Callie Hamilton, CSSC
Founder - Slumber and Swoon Sleep Consulting
Boise, Idaho

I am a well-rested mom of two, wife, and resident of beautiful Boise, Idaho. I use my mama heart, experience, and the science of sleep to connect you to the results your exhausted child needs. I believe that a loving child and parent connection is a top priority and that children develop best when they get adequate rest. I would love to be a resource for your worn-out family!

When I am not working, I can be found sipping a caramel latte, wearing a messy bun, or camping the Northwest with my family. My oldest daughter is the inspiration for “Slumber and Swoon”. After first becoming a parent, I began to ask the question, “Is this how these early years should really be?” You see, we had a rough beginning together and her sleeplessness was at the heart of our struggles. My days were clouded with exhaustion, and her demeanor suffered under the weight of overtiredness and lack of rhythm. When I found these resources to help her sleep, I realized that a child who slumbers well becomes even more swoon-worthy when awake. I am still swooning over that spunky girl now.