Candice Cox
Founder - Sweet Dreams Sleep Co.
Hendersonville, NC

Hi, I’m Candice, founder of Sweet Dreams Sleep Co. and Certified Pediatric Sleep Sense Consultant. I am also a wife, mommy to a little boy, and a dog-mom to 3.

When my husband and I first had our baby boy we struggled to find a sleep solution that actually worked. We spent many sleepless nights researching different options and honestly feeling completely alone in our struggles. Relieved when we finally found a solution within The Sleep Sense™ Program, I knew that I had to do everything I could for other parents who have found themselves in the same situation that we had been in.

Looking back now, I realize that the sleep issues we had endured with our son were truly a blessing in disguise. Without these issues I would have never found my passion in empowering parents and in helping children get the sleep that they need.

Why hire me as your personal Certified Pediatric Sleep Sense™ Consultant? I was personally trained by Dana Obleman, world renowned sleep expert and creator of The Sleep Sense™ Program. I am honored to be one of less than 400 Sleep Sense Consultants around the world, whose mission is to make sure that every baby is getting the sleep that they need. When baby sleeps well, everyone sleeps well.