Carly Formosa
Founder - Carly’s Angels
Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

Hi there, my name is Carly Formosa and I am a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant trained by Dana Obleman, the founder of Sleep Sense.

I became a sleep consultant after my first-born child, Arti. For the first four months of Arti’s life we were so exhausted, we thought we had tried everything and were at our wits end until we contacted a sleep consultant. After countless nights waking, rocking and feeding him to sleep and no day naps in his cot something had to give. We couldn’t believe how quickly he adapted to his new routine and we were and still are all sleeping well.

Being a first time Mother, I didn’t understand the importance of sleep and how much of a difference it makes to a child’s development and happiness. Parenthood is such an exciting and beautiful time, every parent deserves to feel refreshed.

Previously I worked in Real Estate and love customer service, assisting clients to get the best result and helping people. I take a gentle and caring approach to assist exhausted families get the sleep they deserve by creating customised sleep plans that is tailored to your child. I am so passionate to assist other families regain the well-deserved sleep they need to enjoy all stages of parenthood.