Hello! I am Carly Wintle from Time to Sleep Consulting. I am a Canadian currently living in the UK but more importantly to me, I am the mommy of 2 little ladies, Sienna-Rose and Imogen that light my life up daily and also keep me on my toes.

My journey started when I went back to work after my youngest, Imogen, was 10 months old. I was the mom with 2 young children (neither sleeping properly), working in a corporate world, showing up to budget meetings in London with my blouse inside out – Yes this actually happened! I was past the whole sleep deprived stage…..I was just about functioning. I use the word ‘functioning’ loosely as I spent the majority of my time getting through the day, surviving on an average of 4 hours of broken sleep a night. Whether you are at home or work – Everyone NEEDS sleep to function.

My life saver came in the form of a Facebook post whilst feeding Imogen at 3am one night. ‘Do you want to become a sleep consultant?’ This I read as my 3.5 year old was asleep next to me in our bed and my 1 year old nursing. Long story short, something happened and things just started to fall into place and YES I DID want to become a sleep consultant…..after I had trained my own children of course!

Here I am now, a living example of just how not getting sleep and then getting sleep has truly changed my life. I not only sorted my children’s sleep, I have had a complete career change. I had underestimated the value of sleep and just what it can do for you and the family dynamic. I also previously had not put value on the fact it is a skill that we must teach our children like everything else. It makes my heart smile every time I have a client tell me their little one slept through the night.

If it is time to sleep in your household get in touch anytime – I would love to help you and your little one(s) see the light at the end of the dark ‘no sleep, broken sleep’ tunnel – It is possible, promise!