Carrie Prowse
Little Star Sleep Solutions
Winnipeg, MB

My name is Carrie Prowse and I am the mom of one in Winnipeg, MB. I found Sleep Sense™ at a time when I was feeling very low. Since implementing the Sleep Sense program my mental and physical health have improved vastly!

From my experiences, a passion for helping others was born! I want to support parents as they make positive changes for the betterment of their family life. My absolute favourite part about Sleep Sense™ is that it isn’t a one size fits all approach! Through this program, I help parents create family-focused, connection-based and developmentally appropriate plans that truly are customised just for them. They are never asked to do anything that they’re not comfortable with and they really are in the driver’s seat the whole way!

Learning from Dana has been such an incredible experience! She has given me all the tools to help others and I am very proud to say that I have had 100% success with every family I have worked with! Nothing is more rewarding to me than seeing the difference a good night’s sleep can make to a mom or dad who are near their breaking point!

If you are struggling we should talk! I want to help you get your family feeling and sleeping great again!



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