Cassie Strydhorst
Heavenly Peace Sleep Consulting
Northern Alberta

Hey there, I am Cassie Strydhorst, a certified Sleep Sense consultant and owner of Heavenly Peace Sleep Consulting based in Northern Alberta.

When my daughter was born she was a terrible sleeper, I was up every 45 minutes with her and If I was lucky she would give us 2 hours. We had to practically be dancing with her in order for her to stay asleep. I too was an exhausted momma.

Every child is beautifully unique and that is why I create sleep plans for your individual child. I will customize it not only for your child but also for your lifestyle, giving you support and guidance along the way. I am my clients biggest cheerleader and will teach you how to give the gift of sleep to your whole family.

I believe we are meant to enjoy this season of life, and sleep will help you get there.