Céline Toulemonde
France, Switzerland, Belgium

I am Céline, the mother of a little girl, Certified Sleep Sense Consultant™ and founder of Odayaka.

I know how frustrating it can be to try everything in order to get some rest and see that nothing is working. In fact, I had this bad experience with my daughter when she was 18 months. I was so desperate at this period because of sleep deprivation. Around me, the only piece of advice was ” let her cry.” It was making me crazy, but thanks to a former roommate, I discovered the Sleep Sense Program™ and I did it… My daughter became such a good sleeper. So I decided to become a child sleep consultant, as I am convinced that peaceful nights are the best gift that we can offer to a child, after love, obviously.

I will be happy to help your family find the way of good sleep.

Let’s find a solution together.

I live in France (between Lille and Paris), but I can work with French people all over the World.