Chanlyn Imler
Founder/CEO- Sound Sleep 4 Bubbies
Seattle, WA

I have worked in the child care field for now almost 13yrs. I started as an overnight/daytime nanny, took training courses to be a newborn care specialist and now have finished my sleep training for certification.

I have studied the correlations of pediatric sleep and development extensively over the years while also using every method there is to sleep train and truly I can call myself an expert on pediatric sleep. In short, no two babies are the same. Some can follow the status quo and some need a more personalized guided approach.

This is where I come in, I work with you and your family, hear the goals and aspirations you hope for and then create a personalized sleep plan for your little one.

I fully believe that bedtime can be a welcoming event, something that everyone can look forward to at the end of the day. You can give your child the gift of being able to self soothe without crying for hours. You can still nurture support and comfort your child while teaching them how to use those internal tools over those external props. It doesn’t need to be stressful and traumatic for the household. I work one on one with you to help make this possible, in all age groups. I can promise you by the 3rd day of your sleep plan you will see progress and from there it will just continue.

When our coaching weeks are up, you as parents will feel more confident, stronger in your parenting approach, more prepared and your child will have a foundation laid down for the building blocks of long term success. More importantly then that, is everyone will be sleeping back to their optimal amount!

“The knowledge of understanding baby sleep is the gift that keeps giving.”