Chelsae Cravalho
Founder - The Rested Youngster Sleep Consulting
Overland Park, KS and Kansas City Metro Areas

Hello parents! My name is Chelsae, and I am a mother to two children. I am a former Special Education and Elementary teacher, who found a new passion for sleep and helping children gently learn the skill of sleep when I had my daughter. As a teacher, I naively thought that I would know exactly what to do when I became a mom. Well, as you can imagine, I was quickly proven wrong! We as a family really struggled with sleep first the first part of her life. My daughter would almost solely sleep on just me, and my mental health began to decline. We made the decision to really focus our attention and commit to helping our daughter learn how to have more healthy sleep. I found the Sleep Sense program, and it was truly life changing for us. Our daughter began to sleep independently, and I felt rested so I could tackle each day with more energy and positivity! After this experience, I couldn’t stop telling my friends and family about what I learned. Fast forward a handful of years, and The Rested Youngster Sleep Consulting was born!

I never want any parent to feel at a loss, like I did when my daughter was a baby. Your family’s sleep definitely can improve, and I’d love to be your resource! It is my ultimate passion to partner with parents and guiding them in how to gently teach independent sleep skill with their youngsters. Let’s get started in teaching your youngster healthy sleep skills!