Cheri Pritchard
Sleep Whisperer 716
Buffalo, New York

Cheri Pritchard is a Certified Sleep Sense Infant, Baby, and Toddler Sleep Consultant. As a mother of a sweet daughter and identical twin boys, she is passionate about helping families achieve their sleep goals. Cheri’s own struggles and interest in baby sleep intrigued her to read a number of sleep resources to help her sleep train her babies early in the newborn stage. Seeing her children as the best version of themselves motivated her to get certified and begin helping other children sleep through the night.

In addition to sleep consulting, Cheri is a band director with a Masters Degree in Music Education. She has been a teacher for ten years and her experience as a music educator has prepared her to work with children of all ages.

Each child is unique and requires a customized sleep plan. Cheri will help your child discover their independent sleep skills and bring harmony back to your home. Contact Cheri for a free sleep evaluation!