Cheri Sihota
Founder - Oh So Sweet Baby Slumber
Fresno, CA

Sleep is the most effective way babies, children, and adults relieve stress and regulate their emotions. As an early intervention teacher, I have seen poor sleep’s effects on both my young students and their families. Understanding the importance of quality sleep prompted me to research how to help families get the sound sleep they most desperately needed.

My research brought me to the Sleep Sense System. I love how the Sleep Sense System allows me to create a customized sleep plan with your infant or child’s personality and temperament in mind. Teaching good sleep habits at a young age is a beautiful gift, one your child can carry with them as they grow into adulthood.

You don’t have to be sleep deprived because you have infants or young children in your home. Take the first step today to a better night’s sleep – reach out and schedule your free information call to find out more.

Cheri Sihota

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
Certified Sleep Sense Consultant
Certified Educator of Infant Massage