I’ve always had a passion for helping families and their children, this passion led me to Mount Saint Vincent University in Nova Scotia where I graduated with a Child and Youth Studies Degree.  In March 2013 my husband and I welcomed our twins, this was by far the most exciting time in our lives but it also made me realize the need both physically and mentally for sleep.

I never truly knew what lack of sleep meant until the twins came along, as new parents we had no idea what to expect with one baby let alone two!  For the first five months they slept at different times, never longer than 45 minutes, and ate at different times, meaning life was pretty upside down for all of us.  I called a Sleep Sense consultant, and miraculously in four days the twins were actually sleeping!!

Our sleep consultant listened to my fears about sleep training and made a customized plan that we were comfortable with, I couldn’t believe that this was happening… and working!  The Sleep Sense  program brought our family balance back.  I had forgotten what all of that felt like. I could take a shower without rushing, watch a TV show, enjoy a cup of coffee again and most importantly, spend relaxing time with my husband.  I can help your family get the palace back. Call or email for a free consultation.



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