Clare Herrera
Founder of Blissfully Rested
Ponte Vedra, Florida

Hi, I’m Clare! I’m a pediatric sleep consultant in the Ponte Vedra and surrounding northeast Florida area. I got into this career because I NEEDED SLEEP!

After much searching, trying to find the answer that would help my children (and me!) sleep better, I finally stumbled upon the Sleep Sense program. It was the solution I was looking for: rather than just letting my child lay there and “cry it out” without any intervention, I felt empowered that now I had the tools and guidance to help her in a way that I felt comfortable with.

We as parents can feel stuck, and especially moms can have this guilt weighing on our shoulders. We can be made to feel that it’s something we’re doing wrong, or we should just automatically know how to handle every little situation, and in turn feel bad asking for help. I’m passionate about helping people reclaim their much-needed sleep. Let me help you reach your goal so you too can feel Blissfully Rested.