Daniela Vasquez
Quito - Ecuador

Hi! I am Daniela Vasquez, Certified Sleep Sense Consultant™ and owner of the DUERME BEBE Program. I have a degree in Educational Psychology, a degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Learning Disabilities Intervention. And, above all, I am a proud mother of 2 beautiful girls, who have taught me about the joys and challenges of being a mom.

I experienced the effects of sleep deprivation for over a year with my first daughter, and I know how exhausting and frustrating nights can be, how tiring days become, and how it doesn’t get better if you do nothing about it. I thought being a parent was synonymous with not sleeping well, until I found the Sleep Sense Program and our lives changed! My daughters have now developed healthy sleep habits, sleep through the night peacefully, and my husband and I have gotten our time and rest back.

It will be a pleasure to work with your family to help your child develop healthy sleep habits. I will design a customized plan for your baby and hold your hand through the whole process.

I can work with your family, either in English or Spanish, and be the support you need to get this problem solved once and for all!