Darianne Moore
Founder- Moore Sweet Dreams
Bridgenorth, ON

Hello! My name is Darianne Moore. I am a certified Sleep Sense sleep consultant and the founder of Moore Sweet Dreams. I began this journey of becoming a sleep consultant just a few short months after we welcomed our first baby!

I was introduced to the Sleep Sense program with our first, and started the program with her pretty much from day one. Starting with implementing these sleep habits to her as a newborn turned our little one into a wonderful sleeper, just only being a few months old. This triggered my interest and passion in sleep training! I want nothing more then to help families get the sleep we all love and deserve. I was very unaware of sleep training programs before coming across Sleep Sense. Now I have a desire and passion for sleep training and cannot wait to share my insights and knowledge. I am here to tell you sleep is not over once baby arrives!

I look forward to helping ensure sleep with your family.