Darla Kardash
Owner - Sweet Baby Zzz's Sleep Consulting
Edmonton, AB

Hello! My name is Darla Kardash and I am Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. I reside in Leduc, Alberta, Canada with my husband and my son Maksym. Prior to becoming a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I have worked in the fields of Social Work and Education and hold my Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan.

When we welcomed our son in March of 2015, I had all kinds of ideas of what our life would look like as a new family with a little one. As I held him for the first time I fell instantly and hopelessly in love. However, all that I imagined about how our new life was going to be was quickly changed when he screamed almost the whole first night only to fall asleep on me on the couch. My arms were the only place he would sleep, and after eight months it wasn’t as sweet and certainly wasn’t restful for me. This was not the “sleeping like a baby” we had had in mind.

Lack of sleep has a negative effect on every aspect of life. Despite trying a variety of methods, we were unsuccessful in helping Maksym reach his full sleeping potential. I knew before I went back to work I had to get this kid sleeping independently in his own bed!! I came across the Sleep Sense Program and soon after we were all sleeping better and getting the rest, we needed. My son is a great sleeper today and our whole family gets the sleep that we need.

Sleep Sense gave our family the gift of sleep. Shortly after this, I jumped at the opportunity to become a sleep consultant and began my certification process. As a certified consultant, I’ve undergone a comprehensive training and mentoring program which has given me the very best tools and knowledge available to help you get your little one sleeping through the night.

As a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I will create a personalized sleep plan for your child while honoring your parenting values. Together we will help your child develop independent sleep skills that will benefit them for the rest of their life. Your child can be happy and well rested! You can be happy and well rested! I can help you achieve it!



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