Debra Lam
Founder- Lullabub Sleepers

Hi, I’m Debra and I’m the founder of Lullabub Sleepers. Working with parents to teach their little ones to fall asleep independently is my passion. I have a three-step process to set my families up for success.

1) I write personalised sleep plans for them, accommodating their unique parenting styles, circumstances etc, so the plan “feels right”.
2) I educate parents on their littles’ sleep needs and habits so they understand the “whys” behind the plan.
3) I get very hands-on whilst my parents put the plan to action, providing guidance and support, and making adjustments where needed, so that parents are 100% confident.

I’m also a proud mama of a 4yo and 18m old twins, all of whom were independent sleepers from a young age and the inspiration behind what I do.