Delicia Kautzman
Founder - Little Siesta Co.
Saskatoon, SK Canada

Hey there! My name is Delicia Kautzman, Sleep Consultant and creator of Little Siesta Co. Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I am a mom to two beautiful girls. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse who specializes in home oxygen services for pediatrics and adults. I love the outdoors, travelling and ice cream.

I have always had a passion of working with children, but this grew when I had my youngest daughter who brought on a long list of sleep challenges for my family. Maybe you can relate… I was a sleep deprived parent, googling in the middle of the night, and feeling like the joy of parenthood was passing me by. We decided to work with a sleep consultant when our youngest was 11 months old and our lives did a complete 180 turn. I was able to enjoy the beauty of being a mom, and my little one was a much happier version of herself.

I truly feel like it is my calling to use my knowledge and skills to help your family find the path back to great sleep.